Irene Huber, flute, and Wilgard Hübschmann as Duo Huber & Hübschmann have been joined together in intensive co-operation since 1997. Their playing is characterized by a deep musical understanding, virtuosity and confidence of style. The broad spectrum of their repertoire ranges from baroque flute sonatas through to pop ballads. Above all it is the subtlety of sound of the formation that inspires both of them.

Irene Gawlik, recorder and bagpipes, shares a love of Irish music with Wilgard Hübschmann. One focal point is the blind Irish travelling harpist Turlough O’Carolan. In their repertoire, however, are also musical works of the Renaissance and Baroque such as recercaden by Diego Ortiz and sonatas by Georg Philipp Telemann and Georg Friedrich Händel.

Steffi Zachmeier, dulcimer and accordion, grew up with Franconian melodies and has become an institution within Franconian folk music. She has got together with Wilgard Hübschmann in the Duo Phlox to play traditional music from Franconia, Bavaria and other parts of Europe and the world in sensitive, delightful arrangements.

Wilgard Hübschmann has been creating literature programmes since the beginning of the 80s in Regensburg – at that time with her brother, Wernfried Hübschmann. Attunement to literary texts, whether lyrical, ballads or prose has a special attraction for her. In recent years she has worked together with the regionally and nationally well-known author Godehard Schramm.