In her Spanish repertoire Wilgard Hübschmann plays works by the great romantic composers Francisco Tarrega, Antonio Cano, Isaac Albeniz, Enrique Granados and Joachin Rodrigo.

From South America, Heitor Villa-Lobos and Joao Pernambuco, Augustin Barrios Mangore, Baden Powell, Jorge Morel, Manuel Maria Ponce and Celso Machado are represented by their works.

From the English, Spanish and Italian Renaissance, John Dowland, Francis Cutting, Luis de Narvaez, Alonso de Mudarra and Francesco da Milano are to be mentioned.

Of course, Johann Sebastian Bach as representative of Baroque should not be forgotten. But the guitarist also has works by Antonio Vivaldi, Silvius Leopold Weiss and Robert de Visée in her programme.

Sonatas and Variations by Mauro Giulani and Fernando Sor, greatly inspired by the composers of the Viennese Classical Music are played by Wilgard Hübschmann in a masterly and superior style.

With her own meditative compositions, the artist reaches her audience in a direct manner. Pieces such as Balance, Flügelschlag (Wingbeat), Regentropfen am Meeresstrand (Raindrops on the beach) or Song for Peace stimulate the imagination with ease on a journey into inner spaces. Out of the harmony with the audience, the room and the corresponding atmosphere, free improvisation also develops and grows. – mellow and soft, or rhythmically envigorating, healing sounds, filled with spirit.